Posted on: November 1, 2008 4:08 am

People try to hard!!

Ya ' know I may not be the most educated person out there. But at least I have patience something I think is lacking these days . Oh you do see it at times when someone has the choice of being rude or polite. I get it as a "me first attitude"  well I wonder if this will be the same on judgement day?!? I've been guilty of it in the past.  Oh yeah the grocery line too get ahead of some one else heading for the smaller line, the right lane too go around slower people who should be over to the right in the first place. I see it all the time. It's a shame an I don't see it getting better. This blog probably a stress reliever if anything. I was recently on a thread where we for the most part are good people minding our own bussiness. However here comes a few newbee's  in too spoil ou posts , insult our topuics, in light of the fact they really are just attention starved. I mean really why would any one subject themselves too suchn ridicule?
   On too another topic . The world series blew. In short it was the worst managed (umpire wise) game I ever saw, again, me first mentality ,here it affected a great sport and to what end. Really was un fair too keep playing in that slop just to have it suspended.
 I hope the season brings and end too this harsh way people are living their lives these days. at least through the holidays. It really is a shame when no-one can or willspeak up for themselves in a civil manner and be nice for a change. I think a lot has too do with greed but i'm not too sure. I  know for sure it is ignorant......More after this
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